Full Window Restoration


We restore primary windows by bringing back their original beauty and full operation.

To perform this work, we remove both upper and lower sashes and bring them back to our shop. On-site we install new sash cords, prime and paint the jamb and sill, and install weatherstripping if desired. While your primary window sash are in our shop, your storm windows serve as protection against the elements and for security. If more protection is desired, we can temporarily install plywood or plexiglass inserts.

Once your window sash are back in our shop, we de-glaze the sash, remove and clean all panes of glass, and strip and sand the window to bare wood. Once this is complete, we replace any panes that are cracked, reinstall original panes in good condition, reglaze, paint, and stain to match your desired look.

Lastly, we reinstall the upper and lower sashes in your reconditioned window openings. This work typically takes about 4 weeks from start to finish.