Our Services

We specialize in working with homeowners who value the character and beauty of their older homes and wish to renew their windows. We work with you based on your expectations and budget, and we take pride in offering affordable alternatives to replacement. Contact us today to begin your restoration.

Sash Cord Repair & Tune-up

Are your sash cords frayed or broken? Is your sash difficult to move or stuck entirely? We replace sash cord with new ropes so that your counterbalance system can work properly again. We also like to give windows a tune-up during these jobs to get them operating more smoothly.

Glazing & Glass

The original glazing on your wood windows has likely held up very well over the past hundred years or so. Eventually glaze that is exposed to sun and water will crack and deteriorate. We provide detailed removal of failing glaze and replacement with new glaze, which we seal with two coats of paint.

Spring Bronze Weatherstripping

Are your windows drafty? Do you feel like they could perform better against the elements? The addition of metal weatherstripping reduces gaps between your window and the jamb. It also allows for smoother operation of your window compared to bare wood jambs or old, worn out weatherstripping.​​

Full Window Restoration

Is paint built up around your window to the point where it is difficult or impossible to move? Is stained wood worn and in need of renewal? Is glass scratched or over-painted? Full window restoration brings your windows back to the full functionality and clean look your windows had when they were first built.

Storm Windows

Taking the step to add storm windows or replace old, drafty storm windows is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and protect your original windows from the elements. Learn more.

Rotten Wood Repair

We use materials designed for historic preservation and rated for exterior applications to rebuild rotten components of wood storm windows and sashes. Rotten wood repair can be performed for both paint-grade and stain-grade projects.