Rotten Wood Repair

We repair rotten wood components of primary windows and storm windows. Original storm windows are architecturally significant parts of older houses. We love the opportunity to repair these old windows to keep them in service for you and for the next generation of homeowners.

When we repair rotten wood, we first remove all rotten and compromised wood. We then treat the adjacent wood with wood hardener so that it creates a firm base for rebuilding dimension. We use Wood Epox, a shrink-free, exterior-rated epoxy compound, to rebuild the rough dimension of the window. We then saw and sand to the original dimension. We often see rot that has deteriorated the joints of the window frame. In these cases, we use joinery techiques to ensure the window is firmly held together. Lastly we prime and paint.

This work takes place in our shop. We can arrange to remove your windows for servicing and reinstall upon completion, or you can bring your windows to us and pick them up when they are ready in order to keep costs down.