Sash Cord Repair


We repair sash cords that are broken, frayed, or painted. Sash cords are the ropes that connect your window sashes to the weights, which are hidden behind the jamb. When one or both of these ropes break, the window will not function as intended. Problems that result from broken cords include:

  • the window not staying up when raised
  • the window sliding or falling unexpectedly
  • the window becoming stuck in the jamb.

Our basic sash cord repair covers:

  • both sash cords for the bottom window sash
  • tune-up work as needed to help the window operate more smoothly.
  • lubricating the pulley
  • realigning weatherstripping
  • removing paint that has built up in the jamb

If you're looking for service for both the upper and lower windows, we can also replace ropes for the entire window system and provide tune-up work to get the upper window working smoothly again.

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