Spring Bronze Weatherstripping

As it's name suggests, spring bronze weatherstripping acts as a simple spring between your window sash and the jamb. This spring action holds your sash centered in the window frame and significantly reduces the gaps where outside air can penetrate. Newly installed metal provides a low-friction surface and makes for effortless opening and closing of your windows. It also adds an attractive element, offering a more finished look compared to bare wood or old metal.

In the Twin Cities there were many different types of metal weatherstripping used when our homes were first built. Many of these original systems are still working well today and can be kept in use well into the future. There are also cases where they become damaged or clogged with paint and require replacement. Other homes had no original weatherstripping to begin with. If your windows lack weatherstripping or you feel like they could perform better, contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate.